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VOA/TEK Sleep Disorders video

Sleep Disorders Explained – VOA/TEK

VOA/TEK is an original series exploring the world’s challenges with cutting-edge solutions, medical breakthroughs and high tech discoveries. In this 30 minute episode, Dr. Ronald Popper helps VOA/TEK explore sleep disorders, their causes and their solutions.

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Treat RLS without medication

Video FAQ – Treating RLS Without Medication

Are you suffering from restless limb syndrome – sometimes referred to as restless leg syndrome? If you or your sleep partner is not getting a proper night's rest due to RLS, Dr. Ronald Popper has a suggestion that may help. He is often asked if RLS can be treated without the use of medication. The answer is, “yes.” But the solution may not be for everyone. Dr. Popper discusses the issue in this video.

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what can stop severe snoring

Video FAQ – What Can Stop Severe Snoring?

Do you have, or sleep with someone who has, a severe snoring problem? If you or your sleep partner is not getting enough sleep due to severe snoring, Dr. Ronald Popper has a few suggestions that may help. Severe snoring may indicate a more serious underlying sleep disorder.

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Is napping a good thing

Video FAQ – Is Napping a Good Thing?

Is napping a good thing or a bad thing? Dr. Ronald Popper discusses napping and explains that it all depends on the reasons for your napping. Frequent napping may mean that you're not getting enough rest, and could signify an underlying sleep disorder. This video FAQ series on obstructive sleep apnea and other sleep disorders, as well as chronic severe snoring, was created and produced by Dr. Popper to address your general questions about sleep and sleep disorders.

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does alcohol affect sleep

Video FAQ – Does Alcohol Affect Sleep?

How does alcohol affect sleep patterns? Dr. Ronald Popper explains what effects alcohol can have on your sleep patterns and how those effects can disrupt a good night's rest. If you have specific questions about your personal condition, please contact Dr. Popper using the information below. Learn More

getting enough rest

Video FAQ – Getting Enough Rest

How can I tell if I'm not getting enough rest? Dr. Ronald Popper discusses how to determine whether you simply have an occasional poor night's sleep, or if some underlying condition may be causing sleep disturbances on a regular basis.

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how much sleep do I need

Video FAQ – How Much Sleep is Enough?

How much sleep do I really need? A question asked by many people, particularly those who feel they may not be getting enough rest in their normal night's sleep. In this video, Dr. Popper discusses how much sleep most people need under normal circumstances.

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Aerophagia When Using CPAP

Video FAQ – Aerophagia When Using CPAP

Aerophagia is a condition that some patients using CPAP for obstructive sleep apnea suffer from. It causes any number of uncomfortable effects. In this video, Dr. Popper explains aerophagia, what it is and what may help relieve it so that you can get a better night's sleep while wearing your CPAP unit.

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relieving nasal congestion

Video FAQ – Nasal Congestion When Using CPAP

Nasal congestion is a common complaint of patients who use CPAP therapy for obstructive sleep apnea. In this installment of his video FAQ series, Dr. Ronald Popper offers some suggestions that may help relieve your nasal congestion and help you get a better night's sleep while wearing your CPAP unit.

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how often should I change my cpap mask

Video FAQ – Changing Your Nasal CPAP Mask

Regular care and maintenance of your CPAP system is important to the life of the unit and it's proper function. This includes regular cleaning and replacement of your nasal CPAP mask when necessary. In this installment of the video FAQ series, Dr. Popper explains why and how often your mask typically needs to be replaced.

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