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What Makes eXciteOSA the Right Treatmemt for You?

“eXciteOSA is not for patients who suffer with severe obstructive sleep apnea. But, if you're one of the millions who live with mild sleep apnea and snoring, this may very well be the solution you've been waiting for.”
  ~   Ronald A. Popper, MD, FCCP, FAASM, DABSM

About eXciteOSA Therapy

eXciteOSA improves the muscle function of the tongue through stimulation therapy. Improvement of muscle function prevents the upper airway tissue from collapsing and ensures that the upper airway remains open during sleep, thereby improving sleep quality.

eXciteOSA therapy is the only FDA authorized, clinically proven daytime therapy for mild obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and snoring. eXciteOSA targets the root cause of mild OSA and snoring rather than relieving the symptoms.

using the eXcite device

the mouthpiece

The eXciteOSA Mouthpiece

The comfortable, one size fits all silicone mouthpiece precisely delivers safe electrical currents to the tongue muscle. The rechargeable control unit attaches to the mouthpiece via a USB connection and is driven by the eXciteOSA App for maximum freedom during use. Simply follow and control your therapy to track changes in your snoring.

Why Do We Snore?

When we sleep our muscles relax. These include the muscles in our mouth and throat. Snoring is caused by the over relaxation of these muscles, causing the tongue to fall back in the mouth and partially block the airway. The snoring noise we hear is made as the tongue and throat vibrate as we breathe in and out.

eXciteOSA explains why do we snore

eXciteOSA health risk diagram

The Health Risks Associated
with Sleep Apnea

The obstruction of the airway experienced during apnea episodes repeatedly deprives the body of oxygen during sleep. This triggers the body’s natural response to what it perceives to be a dangerous situation.

The sympathetic nervous system (the body’s flight or fight response) kicks in to deal with the crisis. Blood pressure is raised to maintain the flow of oxygen to the heart and brain so that they can keep functioning. The sleeper is often woken with a jolt, resulting in a fragmented night’s sleep.

Left untreated, this extra strain on the body places those with sleep apnea at risk of a number of serious health problems.

Snoring and You

A good night’s sleep is vital to our health and well-being. At night our body can rest, recharge and repair itself so we feel bright and refreshed in the morning. Snoring robs our body of this important time leaving us feeling tired, irritable and unable to concentrate on everyday tasks such as driving.

snoring and you eXciteOSA

snoring and your partner eXciteOSA

Snoring and Your Partner

Desperate for sleep, partners of snorers are often forced to take evasive action such as wearing ear plugs or sleeping in another room. These enforced changes in sleeping habits can soon start to foster deep resentments that eventually damage relationships and sex lives.

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