The Sleep Studies FAQ

How is a sleep disorder diagnosed?

Patients are interviewed and given a complete physical examination to identify signs and symptoms relating to a disorder and to rule-out any co-existing disorder which may aggravate or complicate the disorder. Not infrequently, simply on the basis of the history and physical examination, a diagnosis and treatment plan can be formulated. Some patients will need to have a sleep study.

What is a sleep study?

A sleep study (polysomnogram) is a painless test that requires a patient to sleep in the center during their normal sleep period. The study gathers information that allows a thorough analysis of the quality and quantity of your sleep and identifies any abnormalities affecting your it and/or daytime functioning.

Dr. Popper is Board Certified in sleep medicine, and knows his field inside and out. His staff are on top of all details, and are compassionate, dedicated and well-trained. As a healthcare professional myself, I know that I am in excellent hands to treat my sleep issues.”

Sharie L.

What happens during a sleep study?

A highly trained technician will greet and escort you to a bedroom. Each bedroom is well appointed, sound attenuated, temperature controlled and private. Once you are changed into your sleeping garments, electrodes (sensors) will be painlessly attached to your head and body to monitor your vital signs and bodily functions. In addition to monitoring the signals from the sensors in a separate technician room, the technicians will visually monitor you using a digital video feed. A microphone is on at all times so that you and the technician may communicate easily. When you awaken you will be discharged home. If you need to be awakened at a particular time, simply let the technician know and he/she will gladly awaken you.

How can I sleep in a strange environment with all those wires?

Our technicians are highly trained professionals. They will use all their resources to make you feel as comfortable and at ease as is possible. Many patients find our beds more comfortable than their own. In addition, because they are sleeping in an environment away from their own, (where they do not sleep well), patients frequently report their sleep at the center was actually better than at home.

How should I prepare for my sleep study?

The day of your study should be as normal as possible. However, unless otherwise directed, you should avoid napping, excess caffeine or alcohol. Before leaving for the center, you should shower, shave and shampoo. Do not apply moisturizers to your skin and avoid cream rinse or other hair products. This is necessary to allow the sensors to stick and provide adequate signals. Feel free to bring your own pillow or blanket, although the center will provide them. The only items required, are your sleepwear and a change of clothing for the next day. If you take medications at or near bedtime, please bring these medications with you and show them to the technician so they may be recorded. Never discontinue your medications unless you are directed to do so by your physician.

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