New Treatments For Snoring

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Theravent May Be The Solution For Many

Theravent is a disposable nightly snoring device that is FDA approved to reduce or eliminate snoring. It has been proven to reduce snoring in separate clinical studies and is available without a prescription. On average, successful Theravent users reduced snoring by 76%, as measured using a decibel meter worn on the forehead. Theravent uses the same patented MicroValve Technology that was previously only available with a prescription.

Lisa Sigell of CBS2 news returned to Southern California Pulmonary and Sleep Disorders Medical Center for a second interview with me. This time the subject was severe and chronic snoring. Snoring is seen as a comical issue to many people, but it can disrupt a family's rest and lead to more serious health problems. Snoring itself may be an indication of an already existing health issue that needs medical attention. I discussed some new treatments with Lisa.

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — It’s a problem that affects 60 percent of people at some point in their lives: snoring.

CBS2′s Lisa Sigell reports now there’s a new option for those seeking some silence – and you don’t have to see a doctor to get it.

Cheryl Belfer has lived with her husband Milt’s snoring for over three decades, but never showed him how bad until we asked her to take some video of his not-so-silent nights.

“It’s like a freight train coming throughout the bedroom,” said Cheryl. “It’s almost like…I can’t believe a human can produce those sounds.”

Milt said he has tried to stop snoring using various methods, including even getting a mouthpiece at one point – but nothing worked until recently when a new over-the-counter treatment became available.

It’s called Theravent, an FDA-approved treatment that sleep specialist Ron Popper says patients call a “miracle”.

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