Sleep Apnea Tips #4

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Home Testing for OSA

In this video session, Dr. Popper will discuss home testing for OSA ; when it is appropriate, and how to proceed correctly for a more accurate diagnosis. Home testing has recently been approved by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine for patients who will not or cannot participate in a clinical study, or whose health insurance will not cover a sleep center study.

Home testing is most appropriately used for patients who have a high probability of suffering from OSA but do NOT suffer from other co-morbid medical conditions such as congestive heart failure, previous heart attack, diabetes, or chronic lung disease, among others. Home testing is not appropriate for everyone, and it's important that your test results be interpreted by a board certified physician at an accredited sleep center to be sure that your diagnosis is not the outcome of a false positive or a false negative result.

Dr. Popper is available at (805) 557-9930 to answer any questions you have regarding diagnosis and treatment of all sleep disorders, including OSA, restless limb syndrome, insomnia, and others.

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